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Dennis and Barbara's
Top 25 All Time Interviews

What you are about to experience is the best of over 6,000 podcasts made possible by FamilyLife Today and my co-host friend Bob Lepine.

You didn't really think we could rank one higher than another did you? They are all #1's!


"How are you preparing and leading your kids to a healthy understanding of Who God is and how He loves them?"

- Dennis Rainey

A Word From David & Meg Robbins

President & CEO of FamilyLife


Meg and I wanted you to know of our profound appreciation for Dennis and Barbara and how excited we are for their next season of ministry through TheRaineys.org. As you likely know, for more than 41 years Dennis and Barbara not only gave leadership to FamilyLife, but also created and hosted thousands of broadcasts on FamilyLife Today, wrote hundreds of articles and over three dozen books. 


We enthusiastically support their stewardship and use of all this content on TheRaineys.org. As you will see, they continue to introduce individuals and families to Jesus and also promote the ministry and outreaches of FamilyLife. They are indeed global ambassadors for the family. The world needs to continue hearing their voices now more than ever, and we are so grateful to be serving God's mission of growing marriages and families alongside the Raineys.