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The Raineys Real Family Life
Parenting Series
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Real Family Life 30 Day Parenting Devo S

A Sample Devotional:


Real Family Life - Curfews

Dennis: Are curfews for your teenagers consistently applied at your house?

Man: My dad was a single parent and worked two jobs. He got home really late at night and so we always kind of tried to bend the rules as much as possible, but then sometimes he would enforce the rules. It just led to a lot of confusion.

Dennis: To help avoid the confusion he was describing, it's important to clearly communicate with your children about curfews. At our house, we don't just lay the law down. We help our children understand the "why" behind the boundaries.  

Good communication also helps teens know exactly what's expected of them. Write down the time your child is to be home and what will happen if they're not.

And once boundaries are set, enforce them strictly, but with a measure of grace. For example, your child could be late because he chose not to ride home with someone who had been drinking. Make sure to get the whole story before passing judgment.

One final thought. Communication is key in making curfews effective. Show your children that curfews are in place for their own safety and good, and that they are enforced out of love.

I'm Dennis Rainey, and That's Real FamilyLife.

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