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Parenting Teens: Getting Ready for the Release

By Dennis Rainey

In Psalm 127:4 children are compared to “arrows in the hand of warrior.” Arrows are not designed to stay in the quiver. Arrows are created for flight. For God’s target. For battle. And from the time you bring them home from the hospital, those little arrows must be shaped, sharpened, and honed for God’s intended purpose.

Every archer worth his salt can tell you there is pain in launching an arrow. For example, as he lets the arrow go, the sting might slap his left forearm—a painful sting. The same is true of a parent’s heart. While the “arrow” is enjoying the flight he was made for, the heart of a parent feels the sting of the release.

Releasing is also scary. Will they fly straight? Will they be blown off course? Will they fall short of God’s intended destination for their lives?

You’ll never know if you don’t release them. But they’ll never grow up if you keep them safe in your quiver.

In a new podcast on, Barbara and I talk about preparing to release your children. We share some of the lessons we learned while guiding our six children through the teenage years.

We hope you enjoy this podcast, and we pray that it gives you some encouragement and some practical ways to help launch your arrows into the world!


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