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Can You Hear Him?

By Barbara Rainey

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Last week I woke up early. I looked out the window to assess the time and assumed it was about 6 a.m. The sun wasn’t up but the sky seemed to be lightening in the east. My mind began working as it so often does in my interrupted sleep world.

“What should I write for our Christmas card, and for the next blog post … what do You want me to say, Lord?” Phrases began forming in my brain and I knew if I didn’t write them down I’d forget.

I rolled over to flip on the light and the clock said 4:45! Seriously? Not what I expected, but I was awake so on went the light switch, paper and pencil found in the bedside table and I began recording all the ricocheting thoughts and ideas. Thirty minutes later I turned off the light and went back to sleep. Thankfully.

As you begin your Thanksgiving week, one of the best weeks of the year for our family, here are some of the words from that morning in a prayer. May these words tune your heart to declare His praise.

Can You Hear Him?

Opportunities abounded

this year

for practicing … obeying … Your command:

give thanks in all circumstances

for this is the will of God

in Christ Jesus for you.

A voice, distant, but sure.

Our land, our world,


by a new virus

sequestered by universal exile at home.

Can you hear it?

Our marriage, as others, exiled by resulting changes.

We two adrift in a life raft

together rowing to a new

as yet unseen


Ears attuned.

Our history, His Story.

There is nothing new under the sun

the wisest-ever penned.

God’s people in multiple exiles

through the centuries

always hear Him,

see Him more clearly.

Moses exiled in the wilderness,

Judah marched to Babylon,

Israelites in Jesus’ day,

exiled at home … under Rome’s thumb.

A voice is calling …

Our 2020 exile

an offering, if we choose,

a sacrifice of


prepares our hearts to welcome




Our God with us.

The Word of the Lord …

Our traditions.