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The Art of Parenting


In The Art of Parenting, we will share with you what we learned from over 4 decades of being parents and crafting a biblical worldview of what God expects of us as parents.

We discovered what the bible has to say about the essence of training your children

 in the four most important areas of life:

Relationships–training your children to experience healthy relationships with God, family and others

Character–equipping your children to live wisely and make good decisions

Identity–understanding and affirming your child’s sexual, emotional and spiritual identity

Mission–helping your child to know and experience God’s purpose for his/her life

We’ll equip you in applying biblical truths in these four areas, so that you can feel confident your children will have a foundation they can build upon for the rest of their lives.​


- Dennis and Barbara Rainey

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Recipient of the


Christian Living Best of the Year

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The Art of Parenting Podcast

Dennis and Barbara Rainey

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