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Silent Saturday

By Barbara Rainey

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“Silent Saturday” says it all.

The hopes of all Jesus’ disciples were completely dashed. To watch the brutality of any crucifixion was difficult. To watch the One you loved and worshipped crucified and murdered unjustly was traumatic.

As they mourned at home, it was the Sabbath, so no work was being done. Those who were there at the crucifixion replayed the shock and horror of it all. The disciples probably berated themselves for not doing something … anything … to stop the injustice. They wondered how they would go on with life without Jesus. Death always makes those left behind feel insurmountable despair.

And so we too on this day must sit with the emotions of lost hope. We too have felt what the disciples and His followers felt. Even though we know Sunday is coming, resist rushing past this day of loss.

Wait with the disciples in spirit.


My Heart, Ever His: Prayers for Women (NEW from Barbara Rainey)

As we search for meaning in our world of shallow online relationships and glamorized selfies, many are returning to traditional and liturgical churches. The repeated words, benedictions, and historic hymns connect us to saints who have gone before, giving us a sense of belonging, richness, and transcendence. Written prayers, once cast off as archaic, are now welcomed as guides to tune our hearts to the heart of God.

In My Heart, Ever His Barbara Rainey shares 40 prayers for women. Readers can read and meditate on one prayer throughout the week or read a prayer a day for 40 days as a way to express the longing of our hearts to our Father who loves us even as he sees who we truly are. Like the psalms of David, these prayers are honest, sometimes raw. Barbara uses these transparent expressions of common female experiences to encourage us to surrender to Christ and help us see God as he is, not as we assume him to be. My Heart, Ever His provides a stepping-stone to help you become more transparent with God and discover his welcoming embrace.


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