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Rainey’s Dew Drop Inn

What happens when nine family members move in for Spring Break…

By Dennis Rainey

Spring has sprung, “Spring Break” has set up residence in our home and, as a result, Barbara and I are SPRINGING INTO ACTION BIG TIME!

To our ABSOLUTE DELIGHT here’s a very high-level review of the “happenings” this week at our home:

  • Our daughter, Rebecca, and her 5 children (Zeke, Rainey, Annie, Lily, Piper) ages 4-10 checked in to the Inn on Monday.

  • Daughter Laura, and her 2 children (Lincoln and Emma Cate) ages 2 & 8 months Joined the party yesterday.

  • Mimi and Papa’s Grandparents Camp is in full swing for a full 7 days!

What a HOOT!!!!

Some highlights:

  • Dinner at a local fav, “The Purple Cow”, complete with purple milkshakes!!!!

  • An “encounter” with a tarantula, who the kids named Steve! (actually “his” sex is unknown!)

  • A dress up, elegant “White House Dinner” (Mimi wanted to teach manners at a very nice dinner). Zeke escorting, introducing, and seating his four sisters, mom and Mimi … a showstopper! He introduced his mom as “The Queen”.

A video of Zeke introducing Mimi and his mom

  • Wallowing after dark in a child-created mud hole in our yard. I haven’t checked it this morning, but am reminded of the saying “You can’t raise grass and children at the same time.”

  • Discovery of my nearly 70-year-old fire truck.

And still to come: Hot dogs and burgers, fishing at Phil’s, a visit to see D&T’s horses , The Purse Museum, a Scavenger Hunt (with world class rewards), another campfire and s’mores, and if weather allows—a hike on the Ouachita Trail (it goes 200 miles to Oklahoma … but we won’t!)

“Different Blog Friday” … So this is it for this week…the seven grandkids won out against our blog audience … no contest!

Go Hogs! As I write this, they are still in the NCAA Tournament!

Dennis, aka Papa, Grandparents camp part-time cook, counselor, lead explorer, and entertainer

Psalm 112:1-2


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