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Daily Practices For Strong Marriages


Those who know us well are quite aware that Barbara and I have huge hearts for the orphan care movement, orphans, foster care, and adoption.  You may already know as well that we invited 38 leaders of Christian organizations and adoption agency to come together  at FamilyLife's headquarters in 2004 and start a new ministry called Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO).  Over the past 16 years this small beginning has grown into hundreds of member organizations and churches giving a voice to those who have none.  CAFO's  annual conference attracted over 2,000 people last year from more than 40 countries.  


This past spring  Jedd Medefind, president of CAFO, asked Barbara and me to speak (VIA ZOOM) to several hundred of those leaders  on how to strengthen your marriage while caring for these needy children.  I thought I would share what we did in hopes that as you face the various challenges in your life, you will benefit from what we shared.  Our video presentation is titled, "Daily Practices for Strong Marriages." 


To read the CAFO Series "4 Actions to Teach Our Children in Response to Evil" click here.

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