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Dennis answers questions submitted by you about...well...anything!

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Episode #12

As an adult child with an established life of my own, how do I relate to my parents?

Episode #11

What is your advice for a mother who wants to go through Passport2Purity with her son?

Episode #10

What do you think of multi-generation families moving back in after the adult children have established their life and a strong marriage?

Episode #9

 Should we as a culture encourage our family's to not
move so far away from each other?

Episode #8

 What can I do about my adult children who do not
want me in their lives? I feel helpless.

Episode #7

 What do you do when you plead with God for an answer to a prayer and all you seem to get is silence?

Episode #6

 A leader at our church has been posting troubling statements on social media. How should this be handled?

Episode #5

 I would like to hear about one of your failures in life that didn't have a Hollywood ending and what you learned from it? What's the most courageous thing you have done in retirement?

Episode #4

How do we encourage busy couples with demanding careers and spirited children to be reading the bible everyday?
Plus a humorous bonus question...

Episode #3

How do we encourage couples to do
what is right to save their marriage?

Episode #2

During a separation, how do you continue to pursue your spouse and try to earn their love and forgiveness when they reject every advance you attempt to make?

Episode #1

What is the best advice you can give
me for raising teenage boys?

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